Sir Rod Stewart CBE

"When I‘ve commited to a long tour, I tend to struggle toward the final few shows (and they are) not enjoyable.

I was good for 4 or 5 shows a week and then would need 2 days off - no talking just to recover. Everything is different thanks to Kevin. I have far more energy on stage because I’m not using it trying to get the vocals out.

I have a social life on tour again because I can now talk freely every day... my kids and wife are so grateful."

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Get to Know RPM Vocal Studios

Come train at RPM Vocal Studios here in New York City with Kevin Richards. If you are looking to fully develop your singing voice to it's maximum potential, nothing works better than private voice lessons.

  • Voice Teacher Kevin Richards
    Celebrity Singing Instructor Kevin Richards

    Hi, My name is Kevin Richards and I'm one of the most respected vocal teachers on the planet. With past & present students ranging from Broadway singers to Opera stars to music legends like Rod Stewart, I've carved out a unique niche among the world's musicians.

    With a career spanning over 30 years, I've sang to countless thousands of people while touring the world and worked with artists from all styles and genres.

    I've learned a lot about being onstage, not only by toiling away on the local club circuit averaging 150 shows per year in the mid/late 1980's, but while touring the Far East and Europe in 1996 as lead singer in my original rock band. That tour that was highlighted by an appearance at an outdoor music festival in Seoul, Korea in front of 13,000 people. I learned what works and what doesn't work pretty quickly with that many shows, in front of that many people; it ended up being a great classroom and proving ground for me.

    With this multi-layered background under my feet, I definitely have something to offer other performers who simply want to be the best thery can be, not only vocally but professionally. I've learned by doing, and know the importance of connecting with an audience. If the audience doesn't enjoy watching you, then what's the point of them coming to see you perform?

    I sum up my vocal teaching style this way; I want to help singers and musicians of all types deliver the best performances they can by engaging, maintaining and delivering a great show night after night. I've learned a lot in my many years in this crazy business, and I'm excited about passing that on to any artist that wants to excel as a performer.

    2010 saw the release of my groundbreaking 2 module vocal program geared for the Rock/Pop vocalist "Breaking the Chains"; now sold in over 90 countries. No other singing course out there was made specifically for the modern Rock and Pop singer in a language that spoke to them directly. I feel I filled a wide gap in voice instruction with my flagship vocal course.

    In 2017 I became the vocal coach for legendary Rock icon Sir Rod Stewart, helping him maintain his voice to deliver a great show night after night"

  • You can have Celebrity Vocal Coach Kevin Richards in your hometown!

    You can even make money!
    Please contact us if you would like to receive information on hosting a RPM MasterClass in your area.

    Mr. Richard's "RPM Singing Masterclass" is unique in the industry because participants learn how to combine some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques in the world with old school classical exercises in a fun and exciting presentation. Companies that provide tools and technology for singers also enjoy an opportunity to participate and be part of the event.

    Mr. Richard's innovative vocal teaching approach focuses on three skills that all modern singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly blend chest and head resonances through powerful support and natural resonance, and finally eliminating all constriction or strain within the voice and create a full and powerful complete singing voice. Mastering these "blending" techniques, results in amazing range with complete vocal freedom with convincing, room vibrating power. The masterclass also includes a "spotlight" section on live performance highlighting pre-show mental prep, stage presence, mic technique, microphone stand etiquette, how to work a stage, talking to an audience and more!

    Typically, the RPM MasterClass would take place either on a Friday evening, 7:00PM-9:30PM or Saturday afternoon, 1:00PM-3:30PM. After the masterclass people can elect to sign up for a private session with Kevin for the next day, either Saturday or Sunday. If the community & participants desire, Kevin will return to your area periodically to offer private sessions. This year alone, Kevin presented MasterClasses and private sessions in Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; San Diego, CA; Dallas, TX… Your town could be next!

    Materials, promotional posters and ad copy are provided for you by RPM Vocal Studios!
    You can either 1. Pay the expenses from your company’s/school's budget or 2. Charge each participant whatever you need to charge to cover all expenses and even to make a profit. You can even use the masterclass as a fundraiser!

    The following are benefits to the host teacher or school:

    1. Work with and build a relationship with Mr. Richards for the benefit of your studio and students.
    2. Revenue sharing of proceeds from the event.
    3. Elevate interest in your studio or school by partnering with one of the most exciting vocal workshops in the world today.
    4. Become a member of a growing team that work together and partner for cooperative events and future cross-promotional opportunities.

  • Intensive Training with Voice Teacher Kevin Richards

    A "vocal intensive" is designed to really help experienced singers zone in and focus on specific areas of the voice. This program is geared to teach you how to connect or "blend" your chest & head resonances together to create a seamlessly connected voice.

    The standard format is to take a 3 hour lesson per day, divided by how many hours you purchase. The benefit of 100% supervised practice allows singers who train this way to improve rapidly with solid advancement in their vocal technique in a very short amount of time. Singers routinely fly in from around the world to train here like this. They've come from Germany, France, England, The Netherlands, Austria, Mexico, including various states all over the United States... to name a few.

    Students travel to beautiful New York City where they train in 1 on 1 private vocal sessions with Kevin Richards in a facility with a live PA system. This is real world training.

    Here's what you'll learn during your weekend intensive vocal sessions:

    • Proper warm ups for the voice - morning & pre-performance
    • How to get into your singing voice via the "resonant track"
    • Connecting and blending your registers to create one seamless voice
    • Developing power and projection without tension
    • Extreme high pitch exercises
    • Proper microphone technique and stage presence

    Your intensive singing lessons can be arranged to accommodate some morning or afternoon sight seeing while you're here. I will also suggest some local area hotels so you're never far from your lessons or from popular tourist attractions. Getting around NYC is easy and affordable with our mass transit system and/or taxi service.

    There's no time to improve your voice - like now!

The RPM Vocal Training Method

What are some of the things you will learn at RPM Vocal Studios?


A short sample of some of my students
Brooke Moriber

Brooke Moriber

Recently seen in "ThreePenny Opera" and "Les Miserable" on Broadway, as well as seen on "Law and Order" and "As the World Turns", Brooke came to me to learn some Rock power belting and rasp/grit techniques.
Brooke Moriber

Eric Zayne

Eric Zayne

'What If Records' recording artist Eric Zayne’s musical style is a blend of pop, rock & funk to create a sound that is both edgy and uniquely his own. Eric's single "Maneater" is getting radioplay worldwide.
Eric Zayne

Jay Williams

Jay Williams

An international recording artist and award winning songwriter recognized by Spin, MTV, Rolling Stone and Billboard for his contributions in elevating the genre of House Music to pop radio rotation, mainstream notoriety, and world sales.
Jay Williams

Gone Quite Mad

Gone Quite Mad

A Brooklyn-based gypsy blues rock & roll quartet that marries towering lead vocals, enthralling rhythms, flourishing harmonies and rapturing guitar work with a tumbling groove that is all but impossible to ignore.
Gone Quite Mad

Goodbye Motel


“Goodbyemotel" successfully meld intensity, energy while building crescendos contrasting with sparse arrangements, rich melodies, harmonies and pop sensibility. Originally from Australia, now based in NYC.

Anna Fiorni

Anna Fiori

Anna is a Bel Canto trained metal vocalist whose first solo album "Magna Mater" was listed among the best metal albums of 2013 in Latin America.
Anna Fiorni Official



Singer, Songwriter, Dancer from Amsterdam. Kitchy describes her own music as fun and youthful, while at the same time signifying deep meaning. Her favorite artists including Prince, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, and Nine Inch Nails.
Kitchy Music

Anna Fiorni

Vallu Lukka

Professional stage actor, singer and dancer from Finland. Vallu regularly performs in touring productions like 'Mamma Mia" in Finland and Sweden. He came to me to improve his upper mix blend in full voice.
Vallu Lukka Soundcloud

Miyai Band

Noriyuki Miyai

Capitol Recording Artist Noriyuki is a very successful touring artist selling out venues all over his native Japan. His songs have appeared on many Japanese TV and radio programs. Noriyuki spent a week with me to strenghten his belt voice.
Miyai Band Offical

Primal Fear

Ralf Scheepers

Powerhouse vocalist currently for 'Primal Fear', Ralf has been playing to sold out shows in Europe since the 1980s as original vocalist for 'Gamma Ray'. Ralf sought my help for his upper mix blend.
Ralf Scheepers Official

Nashville singer Sara Syms

Sara Syms

Authentic is the word most often used to describe Sara Syms. An artist willing to be intimate and vulnerable with her fans. Nominated for IMEA's Americana Album of the Year, Sara came to me for performance coaching techniques.
Sara Syms Official

Theatrical Metal Singer Kore Rozzik

Kore Rozzik

NYC based singer Kore Rozzik and his band have been igniting stages all over the US with their firebrand of theatrical metal. Kore came to me to improve his overall technique and to keep his voice going while on tour.
Kore Rozzik Official

Sir Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Stewart

270 million album selling Rock icon Sir Rod Stewart needs no further introduction. You know his songs, his smile and his hair. I am honored Rod sought my help in keeping his voice going strong - night after night while on tour.
Rod Stewart Official

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