Personal Vocal Evaluations with Kevin Richards

Non scheduled singing consultations are on your schedule - from anywhere in the world - without going broke!

Here's How It Works:
  • Upon enrollment, Kevin will send you a link to a private Dropbox folder
  • You record video or audio (10min maximum) of yourself singing or practicing
  • Upload what you recorded to the shared Dropbox folder
  • Kevin will review what you recorded and upload a video response to the same folder
  • What you submitted and Kevin's response will remain in your folder for 30 days for later review

Kevin's video response will contain advice, tips and demonstrations of what you should work on, bad habits to correct based on what you submitted. This type of private singing consultation allows you to benefit from Kevin Richards vast knowledge, experience and skill in the art of singing - all without having to go broke. And it's all done on your schedule. If you're a busy person but still want to learn how to sing better, now you can do that based on your own busy schedule.

Based on your how much you want to train, you can choose once a week, once every 2 weeks or just once a month (pricing differs for each)

Price and Payment:
  • Payment is required upon lesson enrollment.
  • Payments are an automatic subscription and renew again at the end of their billing cycle

Payment Schedule:
All singing lessons are to be pre-paid in full through Paypal.
NOTE: These payments are NON REFUNDABLE, and there are no refunds for any reason, stated or implied. These payments guarantee personal training with Mr. Richards, until the student decides to stop taking lessons.

Lesson Policy Changes:
We reserve the right to update this lesson policy at any time; every effort will be made to inform you of changes in a timely manner. Your lesson payment is construed as your continuing acceptance of this policy.



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